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African Parents

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We’re all different, no matter what color you’re or which country you come from.

One of the problems i face a lot as an danish african, is when people say ”you’re very smart, clever and down to earth compared to other african immigrants, or immigrants in general”. It may be a compliment, but I think its also a bit insulting.What offends me is that they put people in a booth, in a negative way. As if all other Africans are not intelligent and down to earth, and to see a smart african is a surprise. I’ve heard the things like: ”You dress well compared to other immigrants”, ”You’re open minded not like other immigrants”, ”How come can you be allowed to do so many things, because other africans are not allowed to”. I don’t know if i should say thank you, or tell them that they shouldn’t put people in boxes like that. Not everyone is the same. 

What i find most funny is that there are SO many scandinavians who dress differently, are allowed to different stuff, act differently…. yet its not weird when WE act differently. 

I can’t believe its 2012 and there are still many stereotypes when it comes to races. :) 

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Anonymous asked Hey, I'm from Brazil and read your tumblr for the first time and it is so incredible fun!!! I love your culture and the fact that you africans are not "American way of life" robots! Great job! Beijos beijos


Anonymous asked Dang, there must be a manual that all our parents are reading i thought my parents were the only ones with "phone voices". Every time my mom would get on the phone her voice would change and me and my sister would give each other side eyes and start rolling with laughter. It cracks us up!


[All problems here]



This girl is arguing with me trying to tell me that white Africans aren’t real Africans. I’m sorry, I didn’t know fake Africans existed. Please, tell me how to spot these counterfeit Africans.

(All problems here)
(All problems here)
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